Rising Artist:
Tweaks [2022 Cohort]

What if the music business weren’t just business?

Digital Distribution

Save money while supporting new artists. Distribute through The Rising Artist Foundation for only a 5% fee — 3x less than the industry average. Our 501(c)(3) dedicates all funds to our grant system. A sustainable, regenerative ecosystem is one way the industry can invest in itself.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

We’re always looking to expand our services and grant offerings to reach even more deserving artists. There are numerous opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships that help realize that goal.

How We Benefit The Industry

Work with us to create a more equitable industry that seeks out artists most in need of support.

Record Labels

Lowered investment risk due to more developed talent.

Booking Agents

Additional funding to help young artists tour.

Music Publishers

More songs written when artists can devote the time.


Early access to soon to be influencers

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