A nonprofit grant system for young American musicians.

The Rising Artist Foundation is an innovative 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to bettering the lives and careers of emerging American musicians from underrepresented communities. We offer a unique grant system and educational opportunities to nurture tomorrow’s talent.

Rising Artist:
Vora [2022 Cohort]
Rising Artist:
brz [2022 Cohort]

American musicians face numerous challenges.

■    1 in 4 musicians say lack of diversity in algorithmically-curated content reinforces racism and sexism in the music industry. ■     83% of independent musicians can’t make ends meet, with an annual music-related salary of <$13k. ■     Less than 5% of arts funding in the US goes to rural and minority communities.

While many countries have a federal grant system to fill those gaps, the US still does not.

We can help.

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Who We Support

  • Unsigned American musicians with demonstrated talent, drive and ambition.
  • We prioritize artists in alternative genres, living in rural communities or those from underrepresented and marginalized demographics.

What We Provide

Holistic Support
  • Guaranteed Income + Health Insurance
  • Creative Development
  • Record Label Services
  • Professional Growth
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Educational Opportunities
  • Free workshops and industry seminars in underserved communities.
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